pliability is your improved HQ for mobility + recovery, with everything you love about ROMWOD and more.

You’re here because you want to evolve, as an athlete and a person. We as a company do too. After 7 years primarily serving the CrossFit community, we’re ambitiously expanding our mission — to provide evidence-based technology for better movement tomorrow, for anyone who trains, moves, or lives.

pliability is for the athlete in us all. Like a mobility coach-physical therapist-mindfulness guide-in-one, it takes a multi-modality scientific approach to flexibility and has applications for all sports. It’s as convenient as before, but evolving to be better than ever, with more content, an improved app, an enhanced mobility test, and a new self-education component in the coming months. In addition to our daily routines, you’ll find warmups, cooldowns, sports-specific sessions, targeted body maintenance, and guided breathwork on the release plan.

We’re evolving ROMWOD, not replacing it. Many things work and will not change, including: Our status as a private, founder-owned company. Our emphasis on community. Our roots in science and technology. Our attention to body and mind. Our core belief that movement = freedom.

Since joining ROMWOD in 2015 as Managing Partner, I’ve learned a great deal about fitness, community, and myself. I’m committed to building on that foundation and adding even more value to your fitness journey as I usher the company into our next chapter as pliability. Thank you for your continued support and the trust you’ve placed in us so far. Let’s keep evolving together.

Welcome to pliability.

Scott N. Perkins, Managing Partner